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Beauty in numbers

Though I didn't follow the script exactly which could have done better with more preparation and practice, here is my planned script for TMOD role:

Hello all,

Last week, we had history class by Arun to understand our humble beginnings :smile:. Today, we will be having maths class to realize beauty in numbers. That is the right, our today's theme is "Beauty in numbers"

How many of you didn't like about maths in childhood? or even now?

My motto for today is to show how beautiful number world actually is! In mathematical terms, if there is number line having hate representing minus infinity on left, love representing plus infinity on right and no feelings towards math, then I will try to move you by 1 step towards right. Not your right..towards my right. :smile:

We always deal with equations. So, it might be obvious to start with another. Instead let's start with inequation.

1.01^365 > 0.99^365

37.78 > 0.0255

if number 1 can increase 10% for 365 iterations, it will become 37 and if it decreases by 10% for 365 iterations, it will be close to 0.

Now, replace number 1 with person like you, me or anyone and look at inequation, if as a person can improve by 10% for 365 days, he/she will be better by 37 fold. It becomes motivational quote. Now, replace number 1 with money, it teaches compounding effect.

Replacing number 1 with process or product or company, then it becomes Kaizen principle which states improve continuously and is used by Toyota manufacturing and then by agile methodology which we use in our company to build software products.

This elegant inequation shows how abstract but yet powerful message that numbers try to tell us.

As a sneak peek, next time I will speak about beauty of most popular mathematical symbol for which we have to celebrate and Albert Einstein born on the same day.


Pi is the most popular mathematical symbol. Considering it is constant value which is approximately 3.14, Mar 14 is celebrated as Pi day through out the world. Call it coincidence or similarity in popularity, Einstein is born on the same day.

First, Pi is not just 22/ is fraction easier to use in computations but you can use any fraction which is close to 3.14.

Pi is constant because of its value is ratio of circumference to diameter of circle. Fascinating fact that it is constant for any circle with sizes ranging from planets to atoms. It might be case that formulas related to circumference of circle and many more are found after finding Pi to better make sense of world around.

Vitruvian Man

Before we talk about painting, lets talk about painter. Da vinci is the one of the multi facted personalities in the world where he contributed as painter, sculptor, designer of early helicopter designs and studied human anatomy.

His Virtuvian Man painting helps us understand the beauty when art, maths and science got together. It shows how our bodies are built symmetrically and mathematically. Interesting observation from painting is height of person is same as length of left hand tip to right hand tip. And if we dig deeper, with the measurement of tip of thumb to tip of little finger, we can measure height of body which is 8 times of it.

And mathematical value used widely in structural designs to make them look beautiful is Golden Ratio. This is something you will see from spirals to sunflowers.

Euler’s Identity

Before I wrap, one last number wonder is Euler identity. It unifies basic elements like 0,1,e,i,PI into 1 equation. For its simplicity, it can be compared to Newton's gravity or Einstein's mass energy equations.

To wrap up, this is just a tip of ice berg. If you love something, you usually see beauty in it. My attempt here is to make you see beauty so you love it. I hope you moved right after realizing beauty in numbers. Thank you!