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Learn Python as I learn


First, install python and with needed dependencies and followed by pip3, a package manager for Python version 3.* by running below commands:

sudo apt-get install python-pip3 python-dev build-essential
pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools

Above commands are for Ubuntu, downloader or packages needed for installing Python version 3.* in other OS can be downladed from:

Why Python?

Python is general purpose language which can be used in almost any stage of application development. My preference to Python over R for learning data science because of learn once and use it for other purposes and had a start to learn it as scripting language earlier but didn't pursued enough.


Python notebooks are interactive notebooks to run python scripts and found to be one of the best tools to learn and practice python.

Note: Make sure python version 3 is installed as jupyter installation needs it.

Here are the commands to install jupyter and start new notebook :

pip3 install jupyter
jupyter notebook

Here is the repo for notebooks to start learning python along with me: