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Toastmasters CC 1 - Speech script

Recently, I delivered first speech in Toastmasters and here is the speech script which is not exactly what I delivered but close enough :smile: :

Time travel

As much as I like listening stories of others, it is boring to talk about myself. Not that I am all boring :), it is just tricky for me to hit sweet spot where I should not pose like superstar or dumb star. I am sure you can relate to my current feeling when you were writing self reviews recently.

Time travel is the title for my story today. Not only because we travel back and fro in time but also it sounds cool.

Just like software we use or make, I am package of features and defects which people around me has to bear or feel happy about. Though I cannot tell which one is feature or defect, I will try to set background by going through my logs to understand the context of current functionalities.

Content and less adventurous As first kid in the family, people used to carry around and treated like prince.This kind of made me introvert and less adventurous and I still think this hasn't changed any bit now.

How I learnt '>' greater than symbol? When started to learn maths, it used to difficult to differentiate between greater and less than symbols. To make it easier, my father said two dots represent greater value and one dot represents lesser value. I don't have to tell how valuable this understanding to work with computers later on.

Neither compare nor compete with others Sport events used to be difficult to participate as I never used to really perform well enough. It kinda discouraged competitive spirit. Then later in higher education, I have seen people with higher marks used to feel bad when compared to others which kinda made it worthless to compare with others. But computer gaming ingested feeling to compare or compete with myself to improve on earlier scores or levels which made it obvious.

Dravid What is common in these cricket innings: Sachin's 186 in Hyderabad, Ganguly's 183 in Taunton and Lakshman's 281 in Kolkata? : Dravid. Dravid is always there for team and played like dark knight.

To wrap up, just like I mentioned Dravid in my story, May be someday, somewhere, someone will mention my story in their story. Thank you!