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VS Code + Fish = Cool dev setup

Following dev setup will work in Mac, Ubuntu as well as Linux subsystem in Windows

Fish shell

Found fish shell useful in following:

  • Simpler setup and blazingly fast
  • History search
  • Auto tab completion

For full list of features and supported commands:

Visual studio code

Found following features useful for me:

  • Navigation and search for files or symbols within workspace
  • Intellisense
  • Integrated terminal
  • Search and overriding editor settings
  • Git integration and file differences
  • Debugging support
  • Extensions to enhance anything from themes to usability

For full list of features and supported shortcuts:


For needed tools and configurations, you can clone and install all with 1 script from here:

Configure Visual Studio code to use fish shell

  • Open User Settings or shortcut key [Control + ,]
  • Copy following User Settings to configure Visual studio code to use fish shell as default:
  // You need to update respective OS setting. Below one is for Ubuntu
    "": "/usr/bin/fish"

You are all set for productive dev environment which works for almost any language. Happy coding :smile:!